The facilities include a newly renovated souvenir shop and a Gold's Gym and facility for golf practice that can be used if you feel like refreshing yourself.

1st floor (Gifts and souvenirs)
Plaza shop

  • The shop was newly reopened after renovation in December 2017. It sells typical Japanese souvenirs and sake and also many souvenirs that can only be purchased in Osaka.
  • [OPEN]


2nd floor (Gym, fitness equipment, pool)

  • The facilities include the latest equipment and a pool.
  • [OPEN]
    Mon.- Sat. 9:00-24:00
    Sundays and public holidays 9:00-20:00

    [Regular closing day]
    All facility
    The 2nd Monday, Summer holidays and New Year's season
    (If the 2nd Monday is national holiday, it is opened 9:00-20:00)

    Every Thursday
    (But if the 2nd Monday is closing day, it is opened on the 2nd Thursday
    If the 2nd Monday is national holiday, it is closed on the 2nd Thursday.)

    We need to be 16 or older to enter the facility.
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.


3rd floor (Golf club)
Clover Village Golf Club

  • It is possible to practice golf inside the hotel.
  • [OPEN]
    Mon.– Fri. 10:00-21:30
    Sat. & Sun. 9:00-21:20
    Public holidays 9:00-20:20

    [Regular closing day]
    Every Friday and year-end holidays