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Offer "Emotional experience" of exceeding expectations and imagination to the all of guests

Good access

The Hotel Plaza Osaka is a 5-minute walk from the Hankyu Juso station. The location is also convenient for Shin-Osaka station, which is around 10 minutes by taxi.



The charm of Hotel Plaza Osaka is cost performance All customers can use it with peace of mind.We offer affordable prices. Increase the value beyond the price that exceeds the customer's imagination Offers.

Discerning dishes

Guests can choose from six restaurants and bars in the hotel. These offer delights such as traditional Japanese meals that are a must-try during a stay in Japan and also a teppanyaki restaurant offering grilled Kobe beef and other branded beef.

Restaurants and Bars

Assist guests in multiple languages

There are always English, Chinese, and Korean speaking staff on duty, making it possible for guests from overseas to feel reassured and enjoy a comfortable stay in the hotel.

Exclusive lounge for foreign guests

A newly renovated free lounge for foreign guests has been opened on the 3rd floor of the hotel to offer experiences of Japanese culture. Events offering hands-on experience are also held!

IROHA Lounge